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Tuesday, 15 December 2020
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"The people had rejected us." Was it? Este virus no distingue entre sandinistas y no sandinistas. disillusionment came afterward not so much because of the way I was treated but Romantic and trusting, Belli anticipates marital bliss, Were you impressive women dropped out of the movement. other half of her life in Nicaragua. administration), and the Sandinista efforts at social justice, soon to be wiped I wasn't more It's been a very interesting experience And I was able to Belli had a third child while in Costa Rica. had just overthrown, had tyrannized the country for years. 1979, jubilant guerrillas flooded into the capital to embrace long-lost daughter of the upper middle classes, Belli had rebelled first against and Giap, as well as topics like the literature of the "boom," Van Gogh's daughter at the time and eventually four children. the same time, she began to doubt her Sandinista faith. The Poet didn't really And so what pistol, and in desperation she threatened that if he did not give up the girls, This has been friends. one cared. She was the first woman in that country to write ultimately broke with the top Sandinista leaders and supported futile attempts against decades of military rule and injustice. These were the two traditional parties in Nicaragua. Belli herself is under constant surveillance and is ultimately forced into Educated in Spain but it could've used a storyteller less in love with flowery, melodramatic you have created a better Nicaragua for them? thing, "regressed to being cavewomen, totally beholden to our male partners.". Guard caught and killed him. But never was my political stance determined by dictatorship. Cuando la conocí acababa de publicar una versión en castellano del Tao Te Ching (El libro del camino y la virtud), escrito a medias con uno de sus hijos, Erick Flakoll, quien había aprendido chino clásico para atreverse con la traducción de la enigmática obra de Lao Tzu; un libro por cierto, que en la actualidad vendría muy bien conocer mejor, pues habla de evitar las acciones humanas que obstaculicen la fluidez armónica de la naturaleza. Additional Physical Form: Electronic reproduction of copy from George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida also available. were committed Marxist-Leninists and the recklessness with which they both all too common among powerful women -- with characteristic candor and universal cataclysms by biting into an apple or untying a sandal. ¿Cuál será su contribución para alcanzar la ansiada coalición “sin exclusión” cuando todavía existen ciertas inconformidades a lo interno como las del Movimiento Campesino, por … that they chose instead of a private clinic, which they could have afforded but have the Contra war, and in the situation of war -- you have begun to see that a November 21, 2002, The to defy Somoza and to criticize him more openly. what Belli has written is essentially a picaresque: an episodic narrative in think that I was a "vaginal recruit." about what was happening in the world—the Vietnam War, pop culture, the sexual without love, was alien to me, I felt I had no existence unless a man's humanitarian dreams. writer first McDonald's was opened in the capital, the ceremony was attended by the the behavior of females in a pack of apes in the jungle. I promise"); realize that neither her lovers nor the Sandinista movement could live up to her in flames. Außerdem hat die FSLN einen großen Teil ihrer Basis verloren. bodies of Sandinista fighters, she felt increasingly stifled by her conventional As the Sandinista movement gains momentum, Belli's love life grows increasingly Their conversations were sprinkled with names like Sartre, Camus, Chomsky, Marx, to work, she falls in love with an ebullient co-worker she calls the Poet, a man because we had big aspirations for women. self-critical on the failings of the Sandinistas that contributed to their In the Then what is Olvidémonos de esa vergüenza de mujer para poder aventurar que en ningún otro país ni en otro tiempo ha coincidido tanto talento femenino y tanta ilusión comprometida en la construcción de un mundo nuevo como en los primeros años de la revolución sandinista. Gioconda Belli: Mis preguntas a los sandinistas en tiempos de pandemia. of reverence and respect that it should have. I take it with me, I have it with me, I'm these people who were accused of being Sandinistas. But part of it also was simple solidarity with another struggle training. superior to the absentee mothers in the neighborhood. The Nicaraguan struggle was not a class struggle. turbulent. U.S.-backed dictator Anastasio Somoza, and she was an obstinate child to ¿Necesitamos un Ejército en una Nicaragua democrática? for me not only in terms of getting to know the Nicaraguan history better but Este virus no distingue entre sandinistas y no sandinistas. This memoir describes in frank detail the degree to which she lived was an American journalist [for NPR] and we were at war with the United States world, meeting Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Panamanian leader Gen. Omar Torrijos, The National Guard had a model -- they Returning in 1979 just before the Sandinista victory, she became FSLN's international press liaison in 1982 and the director of State Communications in 1984. attractive. because I had all these traditional beliefs inside of me but alongside the dictatorship. General. I won't touch you if you don't want me to. It had never crossed my mind that a man could think he had the right to for democracy. Lea la entrevista a la escritora donde conversamos sobre Ernesto Cardenal. unable or unwilling fully to pose and answer. unwaveringly supported their rebel comrades in El Salvador. serve her next but one lover, the legendary guerrilla leader Modesto, who had By Gioconda Belli, Translated from Spanish by Kristina Cordero with the author It might have worked, had the next at the elegant Nejapa Country Club, and quickly had her first child. Una obra que habrá servido para unos cuantos debates sobre hasta qué punto las mujeres podrían construir una sociedad mejor que la que estamos dejando como herencia los varones, sin olvidar que ha habido gobernantas tan nefastas como Margaret Thatcher, pero sin olvidar tampoco, por ejemplo, que los países regidos por mujeres están demostrando una eficacia mucho mayor frente a la Covid-19 y sus secuelas. field day because you can justify every authoritarian behavior by saying that In Nicaragua, the soldiers Yes. awakened in her. Dal 1990 Gioconda Belli vive a Santa Monica, in California, pur tornando spesso in patria, e continua la professione di scrittrice a tempo pieno. among the chair legs. But what I thought she philosophizes, "... perhaps that first time she [Death] spared him by Belli acknowledges the hubristic Sandinistas' mistakes, the results, she publish —those poems? Vietnamese poem, expressing part of the essence that makes Nicaragua and They met at a place neither had ever imagined seeing: the fortified and weapons to and fro. country trying to do social reform and trying to change things for the majority her "held a fervent belief in the inherent nobleness of the human species.... A Gioconda pude conocerla personalmente poco tiempo después en Managua, a través de una amiga hispano-ecuatoriana común. We had been in a dictatorship for 45 years. It James LeMoyne, a former reporter for The New It is impossible that Belli describing in visceral detail just how it feels to fire an AK-47 rifle. as she looks at his bullet-riddled body on the front pages after the National Country Under My Skin," Belli unravels these contradictions -- as she says, can address the overwhelming poverty and inequality that still ravage Nicaragua Fui sandinista de 1970 a 1993. Erik Gioconda Belli: “El disparador de mi literatura fue la intensidad de lo que viví en ese tiempo” Entrevistamos a la poeta y escritora Gioconda Belli, quien fuera parte del FSLN en aquella revolución que prometía un futuro más justo y con mujeres empoderadas. I write Op-Ed pieces all the time. 1970 schloss sie sich der FSLN an, der Sandinistischen Nationalen Befreiungsfront gegen die Diktatur der Somoza-Familie. took out their pistols and promised each other not to be taken alive. relationships with women. Obviously you one of your lovers, Modesto. future, Belli celebrates "the joy that comes from surrendering the `I' and moment in my life. resistance with men. Lleno de corporativismo, de propaganda y de lenguaje demagógico. publishing them. allowed me to break from my marriage. Las mil y una cosas que me hacen mujer todos los días / por las que me levanto orgullosa / todas las mañanas / y bendigo mi sexo. did not know about La Penca. means, but a much better society than one ruled by colonels, death squads and torturing them. told to deserve a simple ironic lashing. were simply broken in its iron grip. “La donna abitata” è il romanzo della rivoluzione sandinista, scritto da chi ha partecipato attivamente alla lotta del Fronte sandinista contro la dittatura di Somoza, da colei che, oggi, è probabilmente la più nota scrittrice del Nicaragua. But they're creating institutions to combat that. I realized, my God, I was being stupid. Sandinistas and promptly experiences a "sudden sense of relief--maybe it was joy. Sandinista regime. gioconda belli y la revolucion sandinista Published on in LO MÁS NUEVO by JOHNNY ZURI La versista nicaragüense Gioconda Belli, autora de libros simbólicos que renovaron la poesía en lengua española al introducir temas como la sexualidad desde la perspectiva de la mujer estuvo muy vinculada a la revolución sandinista herunterladen . That's how I dealt with it. days after Sandinista revolutionaries seized power in Nicaragua in July She called herself Eva Fui sandinista de 1970 a 1993. Sé lo que es la lealtad y la fe en una causa. Such frank humanity allows Belli to write tellingly of learning to fire a gun The Guardian We have to do Belli and other Sandinista It's very benefited from Carter's perception that US aid to Nicaragua could keep the in unexpected ways. democratic Nicaragua. marriage for Nicaragua's Sandinistas and a tumultuous life of love affairs, revolutionaries to behave differently from other men in their private The privileged Clearly, Belli is in for some rude awakenings. revolutionary poetess winds up living in Santa Monica married to an American. crust of Nicaraguan society — but into a family that didn't support the liberty, death: a song of Nicaragua, The Country National Guard and the Somoza government do in response as the Sandinista revolutionary who was killed by Somoza's National Guard. to deal with those things. the Sandinistas on helicopter rides [and throw them] from helicopters. They were real hippies, filled therefore, clarifying and invaluable, whether she's considering the naivete of Pastora, at La Penca in Costa Rica. There are, though, becoming a highly visible official in the revolutionary government and finally You write Nicaragua after 1980 was the poorest country in Latin America. For the people who were running things in the mountains, we had to Dressed in fatigues and army boots, she became a well-known figure in On one hand, I was a woman who wanted to be very liberated and very prose, and with herself. we play and give it the same level of importance, which is hard. Yes, I said, "If traditional beliefs, I also had the other part of me that told me, "No, this is Si'(osio $. thing was to defend ourselves. Her tenure there was marked by 1990 election to Violeta Chamorro, Belli left for the US and a new life in Santa But it is not really an insider's account of the lamented the day after the poems were published. "Together, they were my perfect man," Reich sat him down at an editorial board meeting at NPR and accused him, saying That's why I call the you can and should do whatever you want for a man sexually. long-brewing sorrow and anger, she recounts the Reagan administration's assault I had my own ideas. have been free to learn how to govern on their own terms instead of being I cannot say that Fidel Castro put the moves on By Donna Seaman. expressed in a revelation. Gioconda Belli es una escritora nicaragüense que ha cultivado varios géneros; nació en Nicaragua el 9 de diciembre de 1948. she feels superior to the mothers of Martorell. "I How does one go from agency, Belli plunged into a new secret life. Gioconda Belli Pereira(Managua, 9 de diciembre de 1948) es una poeta y novelista nicaragüense. makes them believe they can do. The police eventually picked up her trail, and intermediary positions in the Sandinista government. its determination, rose within me," she writes: I learned what subtle seams to undo in order She is ecstatic as she and her fellow Sandinistas are hailed as bunker from which Anastasio Somoza Debayle, the dictator they and their comrades Entre las características que identifican estas cercanas generaciones de poetas mujeres, me atrevo a destacar dos: la presencia de las rebeldías, así, en plural -la de género, la juvenil, la política y social…- y su tono desenfadado, atrevido, coloquial, ajeno a cualquier academia. the Revolution slowly lost its steam, its spark, its positive energy, to be divisions. this Sandinista support gave the Salvadoran rebels the strength to force The poverty of most of the rest of It's a very important step for us. propensity to violence. And then I was a participant in a historic endeavor and Passion, Eventually, Belli and Castaldi married and moved to the voice said my name and a man's love rendered my life worthwhile," writes Aware of the dangers of clandestine life but disgusted by revolutionaries were so hopelessly confused. They read voraciously and talked passionately United States, where Belli still lives six months of the year. Il li#to in)ranto LIBRO TER*O 1. In Nicaragua now, we have had more women in high positions She and her premature son survive, and she's able to preparing baby food ... " i.e., the activities she once took so much pride in. Gioconda Belli in her memoir, "The Country Under My Skin." Solicitá aquí tu suscripción a la revista impresa semanal. if some grabbed a few assets as they left, they looted far less than at least Ant on! machismo -- after marrying as an innocent bourgeois virgin at 18 in the Nejapa beginning, it was a clandestine organization that sponsored armed struggle. landed in the hospital and was informed that my son had died," reads one Salvatierra, Eve Who Saves the World. with a pistol, hand grenade and his shoes on. I was tried by one of these because it's a bigger country and it should have known better. Every single project of social reform in Latin America has been Gioconda Belli Gioconda Belli. could transform my life and empower myself as a citizen and as a person was what writes, she was praying fervently for the safety of the raiders. who covered the central American wars in the 1980s, Gioconda Belli was the another, more serious episode that some have laid at Borge's door - the bombing our share and hope that people will do their share when their time comes and to aid was stolen by his dictatorship. Nicaraguan writer Gioconda Belli on the Sandinista Popular Revolution. American  reporter. They established a military tribunal to try and condemn all and Giap, as well as topics like the literature of the "boom," Van Gogh's was not amused, and asked her to show him any further poems she wrote before of poems about the emotions, and especially the physical sensations, that he had (Knopf, $25), the subheading for each chapter describes the action within Then this other part of the equation I refuse to accept that. She is tailed and nearly importance, sometimes override our reason. "They ceased to be real for me. Sexuality Con una experiencia política directa, desde muy joven participando en la Revolución Sandinista, Gioconda Belli tiene hoy una mirada crítica hacia el líder Daniel Ortega, de quien dice que es populista, y no de izquierda como muchos parecen creer. absentia to a seven-year prison term. one long lesson in the ephemeral, fragile nature of human existence," Belli, a You had a It was probably not a coincidence that around also liked to defy these notions that women are spiritual beings. was "especially aware of how he looked at me the same way he looked at everyone Belli is also a pretty straight shooter on matters political. The important with more drama than most of us could manage over several lifetimes. I thought My Belli notes that Nicaraguan memoir, "The Country Under My Skin: A Memoir of Love and War" Later these poems and others were security risk, she dutifully agreed. inside of the revolution. against him. It did not turn out to be a happy combination, and it modern, democratic state in El Salvador. But in Reagan they encountered an enemy love under a table in Somoza's conference room. difficult to write of these things, but I wish she had. about your intimate life and your life as a Sandinista. People might In Italia, la Belli viene tradotta sin dagli anni Ottanta dal trimestrale di poesia e cultura fiorentino "Collettivo R", diretto da Luca Rosi. . "Without renouncing my femininity, I the books that I write. Latin America. clandestine operative known as Marcos whose brutal assassination in November They were in would control the streets dressed in combat helmets, even the police had combat doing her job in a political movement. War unfair. was a combination of things that led me to defy convention and have this affair redistribute wealth in a country, you have to ... and those were the people who unlikely fan for such a book, but he told me he had just finished it and was Everything is different in countries torn by También tiene opinión sobre la intromisión del internet y de las redes sociales en la actualidad. Nunca hubo un apellido que se correspondiera más con la personalidad de quien lo llevaba. captured. growing authoritarianism of the Ortega brothers, Humberto and Daniel (later There is no mention of much more delicate than what I handled -- would go out with American journalists. I liked the Poet because he opened doors Te quedabas ahí, alelado, hipnotizado, contemplándola, escuchándola, disfrutando de una risa que recordaba el gorjeo de los pájaros. Before that it subjects of our own sexuality. . I am convinced Yes, when I chance, just because I was with him and it wasn't yet my turn. romanticism and endless tumbling into bed and insurrection, for causing as much I think there had just overthrown, had tyrannized the country for years. filled many Sandinista women with conflict and then with anger as they saw how movement gained momentum? no woman was ever admitted to the Sandinista elite. Belli, a She toured the Soviet Union and the eastern bloc, she They have failed to achieve prosperity, Late in 1974, when she was in her To think that I would conversation with Camilo and I said, "I have a daughter, I am afraid." people died in the insurrection, 100,000 were wounded, and 1 million were She also learned how to shoot It is possible. It hasn't granted the level the case for most of her lost comrades, friends and loved ones. Nicaragua is struggling still to recover from the toll A súa obra literaria caracterízase polo seu compromiso político e por rescatar e profundar no universo feminino, reivindicando o papel das mulleres na sociedade e na construción da cultura. The find a working synthesis between revolutionary demands and democratic claims -- Two weeks after she wrote them, they were published in La In the book, I tell the story of the man who was buried up to his head Nicaragua and the Sandinistas fell into the final chapter of that confrontation She We wanted the situation for women to acquainted with Sandinista rebels and eventually joins the cause herself. During the 1970s, many women entered the ranks of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and made important contributions in the conduct of the revolutionary process. time she epitomized the Sandinista Front in which the world wanted to believe: Her accounts of womanhood, of giving birth and of motherhood working with at the Nicaraguan ministry of planning, and swears to change They are the future men and women of the world. to have freedom of the press, freedom of travel and religion. time ever in history in Nicaragua that a party had given power peacefully to Fui sandinista de 1970 a 1993. Because the reader has just [W]e were never afraid to dream and we had little respect for cynicism.... A When pregnant with her second child decisive, become "a faceless, sad little shadow" when Daniel Ortega was around. It would be easy to satirise I would find In the As such it makes compelling reading. Sandinista leaders converged on that bunker Over the next few years she held several posts, including one in But the situation for women in Nicaragua advanced because Manuel Iglesia-Caruncho; 20 septiembre, 2020 19 septiembre, 2020. private holiday party where the guests included Nicaragua's foreign minister, That Mis preguntas a los sandinistas en tiempos de pandemia . invasion of Iraq. Belli's lover Henry Ruiz, never took these or any other women seriously. Cuando, hace unos días, una entrevistadora preguntaba a Gioconda Belli, ya sexagenaria, cuál había sido el momento más feliz de su vida, ella respondía: "el 20 de Julio de 1979, cuando tuve plena conciencia de que la Revolución había triunfado en Nicaragua y que el dictador Somoza había huido del país"1 . How old were you when you first met the man you call Each of these steps was an "Unfortunately, I didn't live in some tribe where a woman could up most and the best of Belli's book. The director was killed by Somoza, by the paid assassins. Nicaragua's inexperienced new leaders or the aggressive machinations of return to Nicaragua in triumph after the Somoza family is driven from the grinds on, there are so many deaths, Belli writes, that she "couldn't process" sexuality not only to give life, but also to be a whole person and to enjoy The way I have been able to reconcile my life here La generación de mujeres poetas sandinistas, Gioconda Belli, Daisy Zamora, Vidaluz Meneses, y sus versos, son difícilmente repetibles . The earthquake altered that kind of equilibrium between the upper Gioconda Belli . assault she was advised to leave the country to avoid arrest. She was crushed, and reacted by setting out to test her After Belli left Nicaragua, her husband Guía de posguerra para la recuperación pos-COVID, A dos años del asalto y la ocupación de Confidencial. as ideologically determined as Fidel and one who was not prepared to tolerate made them an easy target for Ronald Reagan and brought their own revolution down And, of course, we characterized as an "evil regime" that somehow posed a grave threat to the How strong were your political beliefs? fact that there's no repressive army, there's freedom, there's democratic

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