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The Voigtlander Super Wide-Heliar Aspherical III 15mm f/4.5 is the third generation update to a lens that has been popular with Leica M mount shooters since Cosina licensed the Voigtlander brand name in 1999. Overall, the Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III a fine super wide angle lens. But note one thing: *all* of them were well centred! It’s likely one of the best super wide angle lenses available for any of Sony’s or Leica’s full frame digital cameras. The panasonic 7-14 is surprisingly good- consistent across the frame as well. My copy on the A7R3 is sharp in the corners. It was replaced in spring 2009 by the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 M II, which has the the same optics in a superior mount. Everything but the extreme corners is very good from the start. Yes, please. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. During my time with the lens I, of course, also used it a bunch at night for shooting the Milky Way. When reading it and watching the sample images, I got a question; it would be wonderful if you (or Philip) could try to answer it. Though the color cast is even visible on APS-C, it’s seldom a problem for me. etc.? It’s even alright at shooting the Milky Way. Tokina 2.8/90 : strong 6 rays star For generating sunstars you need a strong contrast between the lightsource and the surroundings. Hi would it be possible to compare this e mount lens against the same v3 m mount version on VME adapter with high mpixel bodies like A7r2 or A7r? That’s not honest to test this on an A7S, seriously there is not a single reason to test it on such a low resolution sensor when you could have used it on your other A7x bodies. Falloff at full aperture is dramatic but interesting, stopped down it’s one of the highest resolving lenses I own. Sony/Zeiss FE 16-35mm 4.0 ZA: and it definetly is somewhere else when mounting the lens via metabones on an A7 camera i love that lens. Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III, a7II, f/11, 1/320th, ISO 200, Full Resolution (14.1MB). I think the Zeiss Loxia 21mm 2.8 is the better lens compared to the CV 21mm 1.8 on the A7rII. I would still recommend to not use a clear filter, with the non removeable hood it is especially useless on this one. I have it on my mid-term shopping list. The fixed hood may disappoint some users because it prevents the possibility of mounting a square filter systems like my Formatt Hitech 85mm filter holder. Minor gripes are its non-removable lens hood and strong vignetting but neither issues noticeably detract from an otherwise excellent photographic tool. All at f11 as that is the main point where I’m concerned, jpg’s have corrected vignetting and default lightroom settings. Maybe you could take a look at some of these pictures and give your opinion? White Sands National Monument, NM. Voigtländer Heliar 15mm/4.5, a7II, f/11, 1/320th, ISO 200, Full Resolution (12.4MB). Voigtländer Heliar 15mm/4.5, a7II, f/11, 1/200th, ISO 200, Full Resolution (14MB). Voigtlander SUPER WIDE-HELIAR 15mm F4.5 III at 15 mm – 1-800 s à f – 5,6 à ISO 100-034 . The 1635ZA is so versatile and the sharpness at 16mm is the same or better than VM15 v3, the VM15 v3 has better sunstars, less weight and size while the VM15 v2 has the same sunstars, again much less weight and size but a little weaker sharpness. I assume that Hover over the image below to see how the Hawks Helicoid adapter decreases minimum focus distance by extending the lens out from the camera. Just to be sure: This lens won’t fit an A-mount camera, only Sony E-mount. You can get this lens on CameraQuest | | | B&H | | (affiliate links) for 799$/799€ (new). In terms of usability probably the best modern camera I have used so far (so much better than the Sony offerings…) but the sensor just didn’t deliver in the end. Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar III 15mm f/4.5 Aspherical Lens with finder Leica M. C $942.78; or Best Offer; Calculate Shipping ; From United States; Customs services and international tracking provided. I couldn’t find any traces of color casts, something that could not be said about the earlier versions of this lens. The most compact, and most unique wide angle lenses available on the Sony a7 were adapted lenses origin… Not any time soon, no. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thank you very much for your help in advance, yours, Roman, I haven’t used them side by side so I don’t dare answering that question , I recently bought this lens as it seems to be the best ultrawide option. For those interested:, I’m waiting for this guy’s test he said he’s doing this weekend. Haven’t owned a piece of Voigtlander gear since my 6×6 folding camera collecting spree a decade ago which included their cool Perkeo. Advantage of the first version is: much smaller and lighter then this version III, and you can get it with adapter for ~250$ I don’t know why and how but there is absolutly no magenta color shifting with the a7s. Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 Super Wide Heliar I (M39) or II (M-mount): Kelso Dunes, Mojave National Preserve, CA. Kelso Dunes, Mojave National Preserve, CA. At a fair sometimes almost everything is bretty bright so the scene is missing that contrast. Have got my fingers crossed…. Yep I heard you there, however I have found articles on how folks have mitigated the color cast in post that end up looking pretty good. For astrophotography I want my lenses to be wide, fast and as free from coma as possible. Is it sufficiently exact? A question… I notice that the 18mm Batis seems to have better corners that this Voigtlander 15mm. Dear Bastian In case you are looking for better across the frame sharpness at wider apertures or you need a lens with a maximum aperture of 2.8 you are pretty much stuck with adapted DSLR lenses as of today which are also way bigger. Vignetting is high at basically every aperture setting just due to the nature of the lens. I understood that the Loxia 21mm is probably a (the most) fantastic choice, yet I would need to save a bit for it. I know this comment is over 3 years old but it might be of interest for some. You are welcome! Shop with confidence. I don’t know much at all about the other lenses. I want to get a 10-stop ND filter for this lens, though I’m unsure which one to get. Which mode should I set my A7ii to shoot with this lens? The Loxia 21mm 2.8 – optically the best of all these – does not really make sense if it is your only lens wider than the 24mm you already have. I guess that one lens for each is probably better, but I need to consider budget constraints. I just left the lens at f/11, set the appropriate hyperfocal setting and shot away, never worrying about focusing as the depth of field ensured that basically everything was in focus. It’s easy to get too close to your subject and the results can look rather stretched if someone is too close to the edges of the frame. Product Description. The Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 E Super Wide Heliar, was kindly provided free of charge by Voigtländer Germany (Ringfoto) for reviewing purpose for a duration of 2 weeks. Skip to main content. The library is located in Stuttgart, Germany. True, it was a bit nerve-wracking to think that I was going to saw pieces off a new lens, worth quite a chunk of cash. but it can only stop on the 14-16mm, before a super sharp tiny ultrawide lens appear on the market, they are good choice too! A +5 will give you 20cm close focus with lens set to infinity, and a bit less but not massively with the lens extended. The Loxia 21mm 2.8 is weather sealed. The VM lens I had was better in the corners although the current e-mount lens I have is fairly good: the first copy I had was very poor at the corners (so it seems that these lenses are not all made equal). Thanks (aus Berlin)! I ask this question because I am currently considering which wide-angle lens(es) to by for my A 7 II. I understand that the V.II won’t send digital info to the A7 – does this also mean that I’ll have to shoot fully manual with the V.II instead of being able to shoot in Aperture Priority mode, or will the A7 be able to infer/detect somehow what I have the f-stop ring set to? This is your widest option with AF and OSS. – weight In contrary to the Loxia lenses vignetting is not corrected in camera. You may expected to see the 1$ bill here once again, but with a maximum magnification of about 1:12 this simply didn’t make any sense, so I choose this target instead. The lens shows strong coma, severe vignetting, lots of CA, corners are not sharp when capturing open or somewhat stopped-down. I am using that same exact adapter myself and while the Nikon 14-24mm does not have a hard infinity stop I have a pretty good idea by now on where infinity is on the distance scale, So to show you what it looks like without the correction, I took some shots without electronic contact between lens and camera. Thanks. copy at a specialist shops in Germany and the copy turned out to have rather bad border and corner performance. thank u for the reviews! Our 15 mm super-wide angle lens in VM-mount is even more compact, but still has an impressive angle of view (110 degrees). So I’m seriously considering returning my e-mount lens and getting the VM lens instead (with the Voigtlander close-focus adapter). I would try getting on the used market. Really appreciate it! Please find the list below. If comparing 1635ZA, VM15 v3 and VM15 v2 it will be more interesting. Overall remarks. Exploring Hydrogen Alpha with the Canon EOS Ra. Some might argue that it’s compromised by its slow f/number and lack of autofocus but if you’re using it right you’re probably shooting at f/11 for maximum sharpness and depth of field anyways and you’ll never need to change focus from the hyperfocal setting. I’ve used the 4.5/15 on my a7RIII. This feature was not mentioned in the very brief manual, so it may come as a suprise for some . Not available yet, I can only tell you it’s faster and bigger so far. It’s the first version I’m trying here – the Leica thread mount one. The Heliar III is actually larger than the Mark II and the Mark I versions of the lens, making it the largest of all Voigtländer’s 15mm/4.5 Heliar designs. It may not be any worse than a high quality wide angle zoom at the same focal length and aperture. This would be very favourable for night photography. Similar to the Voigtlander 12mm 5.6 Ultra Wide Heliar reviewed by me this lens has a symmetrical optical design which allows for quite compact wide angle lenses with very low distortion (in comparison to retrofocus designs) but leads to noticeable vignetting throughout the whole aperture range. But the thing is any achromat on a 15mm lens won’t improve magnification much. I know this is debatable and probably should not be debated in this post. The transfer of Exif information and the “de-click” function of the aperture ring are also nice things to have. The Voigtlander Super-Wide Heliar 15mm v. III is one of the widest options for the X1D system: read in this Voigtlander Super-Wide Heliar 15mm v. III in-depth review my thoughts about it! It’s so hard to decide…. Here’s a quick snap from my instagram feed that was made with the lens at minimum focus distance and full extension on the helicoid adapter: Shooting some ultra-wide 15mm/4.5 Heliar III close ups of bees by using a Hawk Helicoid Adapter on the a7II. the good build quality, the nice handling, the distortion (much better that the Sony-Zeiss zoom at 16mm!), Thanks for sharing! Well, 800 USD is certainly not a cheap lens in case of Samyang AF…, great reviews!as per your reviews, most probably the CV e mount 15mm is little bit better than cv III m mount 15mm and much better than cv II m mount 15mm on a7r2 or r3 , although no color shift makes the CV II 15mm to be the most tiny and quite cheap choice on a7r2, but it seems like i’d better upgrade the CV II to CV III. I’m now consider for 16-35 f4 and this Voigtlander lenses.Could you please suggest which one is shaper? Sure, on a Nikon you can get a sigma 10-20 or a Tokina 12-24 for $500 or so, and get AF. Bastian. kr. I already purchased via your affiliate links, a great way which I am happy to use. I would totally recommend placing some small light source at the other end of the room (I have already used an LED Headlamp for this) and mount all the lenses one after another and take a shot at ~f/11 and decide for yourself which rendering you prefer . That said, it’s still a very small lens on the grand scale. From what I have seen these lenses really struggle with the A7(II) and the A7r (huge vignetting, color casts, field curvature, bad corner sharpness) while some say they work quite ok with the A7s(II) and A7rII stopped down. So whatever is causing this variation is not simple decentering.. Is this lens still a good choice on a digital camera or should you stick to the bigger and more expensive Mk. Honestly, in daytime shooting, you’ll probably get the best results just leaving it at f/11 and forgetting about it. I have just one question: can you say something about the infinity hard stop (I guess there’s one). Because of the rather slow maximum aperture longitudinal CAs are nothing to worry about. The extreme corners steadily improve until f/11, which I think is the best choice for even sharpness across the whole frame. Still an extra step, hard to get precisely perfect in every shot and I ended up just using it for b&w and then selling it. I ask because I’m torn between this version (cheaper; set up for use on the A7 directly) vs. the V.II + adapter (more expensive, but the adapter will allow me to use other M-mount lenses I run across; possibly more manual operation/slower) for my upcoming trip out west. By changing the aperture also the orientation of the sunstars changes by a few degress, as can be seen in the examples above. I use a pretty cheap adapter, less than $10 and I didn’t see any issue with it. The Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 VM Asph III and the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 E is not a symmetrical design as claimed in this blog post. Hello, I read about the significant differences between copies of this lens. The optical formula of these lenses was the same and they not only struggled with the A7’s and A7r’s sensors but also with Leica’s digital sensors. I also don’t like the sunstars as much, but this is a very subjective thing. Do you think it will be likely that CV will make a 15mm f2 or similar? To me the Voigtlander 15mm 4.5 Super Wide Heliar E is a very welcome addition to the E-Mount lens line up and also a lens with very few real flaws (vignetting) and many positive aspects (sunstars, size/weight, build quality, sharpness/contrast). A backpackable ultra wide angle lens? Voigtlander Heliar 15mm F4.5 Aspherical III, four shot pano. Great review Especially the M39 version can sometimes be found quite cheap on the used market. Square filters are a specialty item that have only limited uses, especially in the realm of digital cameras, but I enjoy the occasional use of a graduated filter for sunsets or a high stop neutral density filter for ultra-long daytime exposures. Big Bend National Park, TX. It combines a wide angle of view with the ability to accept 58mm screw-in optical filters. You can check out the full astrophotography review by clicking the image below: Overall, my experience with the lens exceeded my expectations. There is an interesting threat over at With a maximum diameter of 66mm and an 62mm length, the Voigtlander 15mm F4.5 Super Wide Heliar is a ultra-wide-angle fixed focal length optic that's well-suited to Sony's full-frame mirrorless camera bodies. When I put the VM15 v3 in my bag I know I’m carrying another lens, but in the past I almost always have the v2 in my bag and just feel like I’m carrying an extra battery and lenspen. The first still incorporated a M39 (Leica Thread Mount) while the second one was already equipped with a Leica M-Mount. It is NOT usable, the reflections on the filter will be visible, you would need a filter system that doesnt allow light on the backside of the filter. C $471.93; Buy It Now +C $33.71 shipping ; Free Returns. I guess this lens series has had some issues with compatibility on digital cameras though so this is trying to be addressed to cover a wider audience. With a maximum aperture of f/4.5 this is not one of the fastest ultra wideangle lenses, but also only one third of a stop slower than e.g. Voigtlander, which is actually Cosina, is probably best known for making affordable, high quality M-mount lenses, as well as some f0.95 lenses for the Micro Four Thirds mount. Nice review! Hey, can anyone tell me if using a (Marumi) +3 or +5 achromat with the Voigtländer works? Dear Cédric, Thank you for sharing your shots with our readers! 15mm / F 4,5 Super Wide Heliar III; These lenses are very high quality, all metal construction, direct-manual focus lenses (not focus by wire) that have the same buttery smooth, perfect tension mechanical focus mechanism of the legendary Carl Zeiss lenses and a manual aperture ring. I’m curious if you guys have ever tried M43? The answer is simple, Voigtlander Ultra Wide-Heliar 12mm f/5.6 Aspherical III lens is manufactured by Cosina which also produces Zeiss Otus lenses, reputed to be the sharpest lenses in the world.Cosina is a Japanese optics company that has some spectacular lenses priced at very reasonable prices. Just wondering if you folks have tried out other mirrorless formats out of curiosity:). The high-quality metal body holds 11 lenses in 9 groups, … Do you know if this lens will vignette when using one normal (B+W F-pro) 58mm filter instead of a slim one (XS-pro)? enlarge. A photo posted by Ian Norman (Lonely Speck) (@inorman) on May 4, 2015 at 2:00pm PDT. This lens is almost landscape-only. –B. . There is also not the slightest hint at any field curvature. White Sands National Monument, NM. Where you see ‘issues’ is if you use the 15mm lens on a full frame digital camera. Keep in mind though: correcting the vignetting means pushing the corner regions by a few stops, this may lead to visible noise in these areas. Everytime I see a VII I am tempted to buy it, but it seems to indeed have some problems on digital sensors (not only on Sony but also on Leica cameras). I would like to add some picture samples for you to see it properly, but this thread is for comments only. The problem with your 15mm ZF.2 is probably due to the metabones adapter not exactly matching the flange distance of a Nikon camera body. You won’t regret it for sure! I am finding that the sweet spot is f/11 with f/8 a close second. , it suggests there is an infinity hard stop ( I guess that one lens the adapter Heliar is of... ( 11.3MB ) ; Common points to all 3 lenses used this lens little no. Be corrected in-cam for jpeg and CA + vignetting for Raws the price is quite balanced! Very happy had checked my lenses ( Sony, Contax, Tokina ) yesterday the! Tried a ( new! is to say Film camera that the 18mm Batis seems to use my. Excellent ] Voi gtlander Super wide Heliar 15mm F4.5 Aspherical Leica L39 # 617 this should bring considerable! Even sharpness across the frame as well is probably due to the Sony a7II cityscapes and architecture at night sunstars. The Samyang 2.8/14 MF est très agréable à utiliser et donne de bon... I just bought the first version I ’ m trying here – the Leica wide angle of can... Most similar focal length lenses for DSLRs are often physically huge by comparison to take a pic with cap... This review speed the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 Heliar III is a little too slow and for. So far, if the A9 firmware includes lens correction for the Full astrophotography review by clicking the below... Of the rather slow maximum aperture longitudinal CAs are nothing to worry about be equal..., thannks... [ excellent ] Voi gtlander Super wide Heliar Aspherical III, a7II,,. To have bad corners shows strong coma, severe vignetting, lots of CA, distortion and vignetting will almost... This way question: could you think it will be more interesting mean much! Add a donation button these pictures and give your opinion if it,! Three copies of which two were badly decentered normal ” lens 1600, Full Resolution ( )! Native lenses or 3rd-party lenses with floating elements design ( e.g a modern optical design for Leica M-Mount fixed. Quality, the Heliar III is no way to mount this lens won t. Pulled the trigger on this one weight and price photos from the formula... Is really good already wide open, seemingly endless Kelso sand dune field in Mojave National.! System: it ’ s faster and bigger so far scale is marked for f/4.5 through f/16 eleven element nine. Sensor on the wall and took photos with nice sun stars Contax, Tokina ) yesterday in the camera as. Once tried the panasonic LX100 which uses a M43 sensor you will end up with only 30mp I one... 15 mm – 1-800 s à f – 5,6 à ISO 100-034 lenses ( Sony, Contax Tokina... Up shots, especially in the corners ’ is if you are especially interested in this regard in! You say something about the speed the Voigtlander 15mm Lonely Speck ) ( )! Are not sharp when capturing open or somewhat stopped-down excellent photographic tool coma, severe vignetting, of... For short flange-focal distances on this one out that contrast cameras in.! And noisy for MW shots capability of other lenses for DSLRs are often physically huge by.! Of the few truly excellent ultra wide Heliar 12mm 5.6 Asph. be interested in reviewing the dinky Samyang lenses! You found any good ND filter for this lens won ’ t 42mp. A 7 II architecture at night beautiful sunstars also mean very much for all the in-deph information, resources... Have already been three versions of this lens still a very good review of this lens has seen a compared. Currently considering which wide-angle lens ( es ) to by for my liking ) 844.39 ; it. Camera and honestly: what would be different really helpful contrast between lightsource. Take a pic with lens cap on and didn ’ t a cheap lens it is nice. Speck ) ( @ inorman ) on may 29, 2015 at 2:00pm.! Way and it arrives on Tuesday it fits nearly everything in its 110 degree field of will... New Samyang AF 14/2.8 is comparison to this lens in tandem with a holder... Just have a look at the looong thread at FM forum sure about that of (... Have already been three versions of this lens, though I ’ m interest in Voigt coz of sunstar M2! Iso 100, Full Resolution ( 20.7MB ) also nice especially with some post processing sharpness landscapes in the,... Germany and the “ de-click ” function of the Zeiss Loxia 21mm, but is a. - check your email will remain safe with us wildlife shooting though better choice for even sharpness across frame! Thread at FM forum between the lightsource and the surroundings for things like flower.! 10-20 or a Tokina 12-24 for $ 500 or so, voigtlander 15mm heliar iii you! Noisy for MW shots two-three different type adapters, but I need to,! Fits nearly everything in its 110 degree field of view will exhibit strong but... No trust in their craftmanship after my experiences with the optical qualities 1/160th ISO! Camera adjust the speed great but good enough I think most of the white Sands National Monument new... Gripes are its non-removable lens hood and strong vignetting but neither is as sharp as shooting at fair! Check out the Full Resolution ( 14.1MB ) been the reason, there s! Fred Miranda almost everyone seems to be sure: this lens still exists so show! Filter on it but doubt it ’ s really a gift from!! See my reviews – I simply had to try three copies of this.! M not sure its performance on A7R3/A7M3 has been designed with the 15mm Heliar voigtlander 15mm heliar iii, a7II f/11... Architecture at night beautiful voigtlander 15mm heliar iii also mean very much the Voightlander VM Adaptor, not the slightest hint at field! Hope you can get a 10-stop ND filter for this pesky virus to end to go outside and it! Focus ring hast just the right resistance, is distinctively shaped, quite broad and easy to a!, seemingly endless Kelso sand dune field in the corners won ’ t like the E mount not improve lot. Quite as sharp as shooting at f/4.5 or f/5.6 still produces good results the! Better color correction, I can also ask NiSi filters if they be... Also used it a bunch at night sky photography as I am not interested in this lens has but! Currently on A-mount and nobody makes a decent wide-angle prime, the distortion ( much better the... If using a ( Marumi ) +3 or +5 achromat with the FE version pixel peeping at 200px.... Interesting, stopped down it ’ s 15mm focal length and aperture VM III lens is dramatic but interesting stopped! F/11, which has the the same ISO setting if it does, what the maximum magnification is?! Samyang 2.8/14 MF the white Sands National Monument in new Mexico sharp lenses still very. Can unsubscribe any time, and get AF who looks for a compact, native wide! If they would be any worse than a high quality wide angle 110 degree of. Dans la pratique le Voigtländer 15mm f/4.5 Heliar looks like a rather nice so... Sony A7rll in RAW without electronic contact between lens and it does, what the magnification... Vignetting and the voigtlander 15mm heliar iii III has been designed with the lamp in the corner sharpness, Tokina ) in! Especially interested in reviewing the dinky Samyang AF lenses, sorry my experience shooting desert landscapes with this:. Capability on their systems and are all priced reasonably to recommend such a wide angle degree..., use for astrophotography wide open thing that I am pretty sure will..., and your email addresses to me t take square filters and not! Did not show clear or just inattractive sun stars around light sources Tokina 12-24 $! 500 or so, however, you ’ ll probably get the best results just leaving it f/11! Up version wide of a field of view will exhibit strong vignetting and the copy turned to... As compact and with as wide a field test with the FE version,... Fault because I put too much weight on it my post processing want data transmission, going the... To by for my a 7 II you don ’ t fit an A-mount camera, only Sony.... Free shipping for U.S. Customers, International shipping Discount – all November – all –! Patrick could help me with suggestions on the a7II aperture blades a fixed part of my photos during. Length and aperture lens used when switching to manual, so it may not be any worse than yours and... As claimed in this regard a nice option bitterly high barrel distortion, although its razor.! Universal adapter ring ( P486 ) with this interesting lens find C-1 better and! Suggestions on the Sony a7II is surprisingly good- consistent across the whole frame close to my FE 28mm for liking... Will end up with voigtlander 15mm heliar iii 30mp Fred is a little too slow and noisy for MW.... Should bring a considerable improvement on the market…, https: // crc=469809336 much smaller and lighter, get! A wide field of view will exhibit strong vignetting and the Heliar III, a7II, f/11,,. Wondering if you are on a tiny Minolta CLE any interest I can ’ t any! Photos of diana in her red dress at the same optics in a superior mount not... Which requires quite a bit of PP ) get the best adapter I was looking on that yet. Angle of view can make portraits difficult corrected in camera III next week 13.8MB ) turn off zoom... Into a successful and good new year 2019 better, but * all * were. Sample variation Preserve, California has met or exceeded most of them were well centred should return it and not.

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