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Tuesday, 15 December 2020
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Any suggestions on how to handle this? I tried out your recipe and the cake was absolutely delicious. Let me know how it works out! Thank you very much. Iceland Extremely Chocolaty Gateau 845g (5 customer reviews) £3.50. Hi Liza! This cake recipe is superb! Easy, very impressive, taste is heavenly! OMG I love this so much especially since I was thinking the same thing amd made a black forest trifle. can I reduce the sugar in the cakes to 1 1/2 cups or 1 1/4 cups? I used fresh cherries and just sliced them up and placed them on top of the whipped cream. I have total faith in your decorating abilities Like you said, the bark hides a lot!! Excellent not too sweet, not too heavy, CONSISE directions! My oven is not the same as yours (I think) so I baked mine for only 25 minutes in a 2 x 7″ pans and they turned out moist! 1) You can use hot coffee for sure. Also what is the capacity of the cup you have based the measurement? I decided to cut the cake smaller and then planned out my layers so I had enough! Hi Jessica! Thanks for your feedback Ginna! Thanks and Happy New Year. It looks gorgeous. So how should I distribute the batter in that case? I am planning to make this cake for my husband’s birthday. This cake uses a different mixing method and requires the sugar to be added with the dry. 4. The cake looks absolutely gorgeous. Recipe calls for whipping cream – but it is called a buttercream frosting, should I be using the buttermilk in the frosting and not the cake?! BUY ME. Can i still use those without causing a leak? I had leftover cherry syrup and we spooned 2 spoonfuls over each slice. I even had some left over. Used the juice from the cherry jar to brush on the cake layers. 2) I used fresh cherries, but you can use cherry pie filling if you prefer. Let me know how it turns out! Wow I’m so happy with this recipe I would give it 100 stars but you only let me put a rating of 5 so I did put secretly it means 100 stars. X, Loved this recipe. It had the walmart gooey cake texture. Black Forest Cake is typically made with more of a “filling” I think rather than fresh cherries. Hi there! And will the time be same or a bit more? Yesterday was my husband birthday and I make that cake… oh my god it was wonderful yum… thank you for the wonderful recipe. I have baked this 3 times and it has been a hit all 3 times! they leave the make a smaller smoother hole and ensure that no bamboo splinters are left behind. Hi Olivia, Looove the way this looks – want to try – however, can this recipe be used for cupcakes instead??? Thanks for your help!! Do we need to separate the batter ? This was epically disappointing to me. Inspiring! So happy to hear that you liked it! Does it need to be the whipped cream topping or the whipped cream frosting because I o my fine this frosting in cream cheese flavor in Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker brands? I baked two cake layers then cut each in half horizontally. For sure, I would refrigerate it. The nutritional information and metric conversions are calculated automatically. The filling will likely also make the cake a bit more unstable (it might slide around) as you’re stacking and filling. This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your recipe! So happy you loved it. Whipped cream is very soft, but I think a buttercream (or ganache) damn will help for stability like you say. Thank you for all of the wonderful recipes! It turned out great! Here’s a site I use as a guideline: There should be no issues when making a smaller amount though . The Blak Forest cake was delicious and the 8 inch was plenty for 14 children’s Birthday party. I will never use another chocolate cake recipe! Congranst. My parchment paper was likely too small. This is the first time I am making such a big cake all from scratch. Loved the fresh cherries, I’ll add more next time. Hi Deepa! Wish I could post a picture of how it turned out. Would a sugar and water syrup work? Hi Paige! Hiya! I have two 6 inch pans, will it work? This is awesome, thanks so much for the tips Wendy!! Black Forest Cake was a staple when I was growing up (much to my dismay…read on). Everyone loved this cake and were super impressed by the chocolate bark (even though I tried to rely on my old pastry chef days and temper the chocolate which was an epic fail lol). Hi Jessica! . Thank you! Awesome, thanks for the tips! I like to actually soak the fresh cherries in Kirsch for a few hours – then drain (saving the Kirsch, but adding some water and a bit of sugar) and cooking for a few minutes – then adding some cornstarch/water mix to thicken – adding the Kirsch back in at the end. Hello! When I bake this cake, one 8-inch round pan only gets to about 1 and a half inch. Sounds delicious, thanks for the tips! Hi Naomi! Pastry base : 4oz/100g cream flour. I’ll do that then! Mine are all 2″ tall but 3″ will work fine too. BUY ME. Thank you for such an amazing recipe, I’ll definitely be using it again soon! I have heard great things about TJ’s morello cherries, I need to get my hands on some. This black forest cake looks so pretty and delicious! Oh shoot, if only I’d read this about trader jos cherries…making cake today and only have the canned ones. However we dont consume alcohol and the substitute you suggested is not available. Let me know how it turns out! I chopped them up into smaller pieces then added cherry brandy to them to soak overnight in the fridge. Cool 10 minutes in the pans then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Place sugar and water into a small pot. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.Made this cake for my daughters birthday amd everyone absolutely loved it! Sorry to hear about the bark mishap I imagine the Crisco made it more bendy and not firm to break apart. Oh my God, this cake is a masterpiece! No matter what the occasion is, this flavour always stands out and having a black forest cake for birthday is just awesome. I can’t wait to hear how everyone likes it! And if we can use different ingredient instead of egg still we have to add hot water? Let me know how it turns out . Love the cake, made it with fresh strawberries and fresh cream (had no fresh cherries). Yes, just reduce the baking time — start checking at 15mins or so. I’m so happy it turned out for you. I made the mistake of adding a little of Crisco, for fear it would be too thick. A new black forest gateau-nut is hitting the shelves of Carmelli’s bakery after a winning design from the Jewish News’ Design a Doughnut competition. I go over the steps in the recipe and also link to a video tutorial in the Notes section as well as the blog post. BUT the fresh cherries are the best tasting. Normally I’d say it would be totally fine if chilled, but the whipped cream frosting here gives the cake less structure than a typical buttercream cake. The feedback was ” this is the best moist authentic Black forest cake ever”. But alas not….. so…. Thanks so much for your lactose-free tips. Normally that doesn’t really affect cakes I make cos the texture of these is exactly what I wanted, just the lack of height I have no idea the reason. Your email address will not be published. It was a fantastic cake- very moist. So happy you loved it . I made it for my anniversary and needless to say it didn’t last long. Save the juice and add sugar and cook down somewhat. It. Black Forest Gateau. They taste absolutely lovely but unsure why they didn’t rise as much as yours have seemed to. . You totally made my Monday Great idea about soaking the cherries in Kirsch first, I didn’t think of that! I would double check that your baking powder/soda are not expired. Hi! Pull them out upon arrival and do a little dab at the leftover “hole “ at the top. She has a video tutorial to show you how to make it, and I basically followed her steps: melt chocolate, spread on parchment, chill, unroll. I want to make this cake and I couldn’t buy cherries. This is the best black forest gateau ever and so simple. I would core the cupcakes after baking and add the filling. I used combo of cherry pie filling and jarred bing cherries inside and jarred bing cherries on outside as no fresh cherries this time of year. It looks fancier than it is, and the chocolate bark was actually dead easy to make. Whipped cream is best refrigerated, but MBC’s are better at room temp . I haven’t soaked the cherries either, but that would be a delicious addition too! So happy to hear that you loved it! You can then reduce the syrup and add tome Kirschwasser to brush onto the layers. Let me know how it turns out . For sure, you can just set the Servings to half of what it shows to get the amounts. Otheriwse, if it’s watery you could use that in place of the water. Glad you love it . wanted to post pictures here but can’t. I used organic (pitted) frozen cherries. Hoping my grocery store has cherries – I haven’t looked yet. Is there any way to add more liquid (like milk) to the heavy cream to make more of it? Thing is, I actually love cherries. Strange about the caramelization, especially with a chocolate cake. thank you in advance , Hi, Lucy! It is a big grocery store but I don’t know if they are stocked in the produce section yet. Butter two 20cm/8in round baking tins then line with buttered baking parchment. Thank you ^^, Hi there! Thanks. Can you please share all the ingredients measurements in grams? Let me know how it turns out! Everyone thought it was just the best cake ever and were even taking pictures of it, the chocolate bark really makes it look beautiful. And both times it turned out wonderful. It’s an extra process but worth it, especially in the summer months. I’ll be honest, I hate black forest cake. I’ve made this cake many times before, so I feel that my advice will be pretty solid. Aww, it just takes practice I am sure you can do it! Hi Olivia! Hi Erin! I’m going to make this cake for my friend’s birthday this weekend. I’m sure it was beautiful , YES beautiful and what is also important: delicious! My question is about the crumb of this chocolate cake recipe. If I simmer fresh cherries to make the syrup can I still use the softened cherries in the cake as a decoration? Thanks! BUY ME. Our entire family loves Black Forest cake and everyone loved the cake…, Hi Souvik! Is it possible it was overbaked a bit? Hi Tony! It’s my father’s favorite cake, I read through your recipe, and decided to make it for his birthday yesterday. I have tried other recipes even from fancy cookbooks but your is the best. Please see my full. Hi Violet! I would do the whipped cream filling and assemble the cake the day you plan to serve it, for best results. Hi there. I also used a jar of Morello sour cherries for the filing and used the juice from the jar mixed with Kirsch to pour over the sponge which worked really well. This looks amazing! This cake will not keep incredibly long due to the whipped cream. Really so confused at this mystery of why they didn’t rise perhaps something to do with having a gas oven? It was for his birthday. Do I have to use Dutch-processed cocoa? That would work just fine. Surely the layers with squish the cream?.. HOWEVER, I am not a baker and have no idea what I’m doing LOL… Anyway, I want to make this but in cupcake version. The cakes will be too thin in 9″ pans I think. 6. Hi Kentyl! Hi Rukhsana! I must say this is also the best chocolate cake receipe I have used. Our friends joined us for cake and said it was bakery quality. Each cake layer should be about 1.5″-2″ tall using the full recipe. I think that would work fine! I’m so happy you both loved it . Hi Madhu! I’ll let you know how it goes:). 1 kg, Rs 1,190/- 2 kg Rs. Hi April! I also had to use maraschino cherries since the grocery stores around us didn’t have fresh cherries (and to think I got myself ready with a cherry pitter). Not knowing this, I purchased the best bottle of imported German Kirshwasser at my liquor store. 3) In two 9″ pans, the layers will be too thin, but it might overflow the one 9″ pan. Apna jo cup sa use kiya hy uskay kitne ml hy.. Hi Pooja! I don’t like them either, mainly because I don’t drink nor eat alcohol but I can totally recommend u self made alcohol free marashino cherries. But you can give it a try! It will be fine for a day or two at room temperature or you can freeze the cake layers for up to 3 months. A little confusedAbout lining the cake pan with parchment paper on top of the Coco greased pan? So glad everyone liked it!! I’m so glad you liked it . will post pictures after done making Lovely, thankyou so much for your feedback, I’ll see how I go . In 9″ pans I feel like the layers would be a bit on the thinner side. Can you suggest an alternative please? The batter is thin, but rises a lot. Could you expand on the exact % of cocoa or cacao you recommend? HI I’m going to be making this cake for Christmas eve, but I’m not really a huge fan of whipped cream frosting, do you thing that a vanilla buttercream would work instead? I was actually able to make two cakes ( I cut each cake into 3 thin layers). I was looking through the ingredient list and was wondering if the vanilla mention was vanilla essence or vanilla extract. That is so amazing, congrats!! 3) If using the recipe as is but in here pans instead of two the baking time will be shorter. 4. The melted butter will give the cake a different texture. It is GREAT – the original caje – eaten in Germany!! I add a little bit of coffee to the water and it turns out so good. What would you recommend? Hi Sarah! The cherry liqueur was not available so I used the cherry syrup, I tested it out first and I decided to ditch it and it is still a treat!!! Florida heat is not friendly to most frostings. I should have known better! Let me know how it turns out . Whyyyyy? What temperature and cooking time should I apply to either setting? This is now my go to! If it’s just one day though it should be ok. Dear Olivia, I would like to test this cake as it looks so beautiful! The cake was moist with great chocolate flavor. I had a lot of compliments for this cake. 54p per 100 g Serves 8. My springform pan did leak a bit, but I wrapped it with a double layer of aluminum to catch the leaks and a cookie sheet in the lower rack. Hey! This is no doubt the best cake ever. Add to Basket. There isn’t enough cocoa in the recipe I believe, and the super thin batter did not work at all!. Make your day delicious! Here’s a site I use as a guideline: Great recipe! I don’t have cherry liquer but I would still like to make the cake alcoholic. When making the whipped cream frosting, make sure everything is chilled, as the cream will whip up better. You can make your own buttermilk at home. Thank you! It’s quite hot! Thank you!! Happy Anniversary! <3. I find it best to cut them when the cake layers are chilled a bit. Can’t recommend this recipe enough, it is a new favorite for me and my boyfriend. I would recommend to bake it for a gathering, to be finished as soon as possible due to the use of fresh cream. I think it would work fine. I’m so happy you all loved it . I can see why it gets so many 5-star reviews. pinch of salt. Hi Jessica! Hi Christiana! You could make a cherry filling with them instead . Will be my go to! The Black Forest cake or the Black Forest gateau, as it is known in British English, is probably one of the most popular cake types in India today. Note I tried metal grilling skewers – too heavy for anything but a very very dense cake…… they make a much bigger hole and didn’t keep the layers from slipping a bit. Thanks so much Amy! I don’t recommend it. Wasn’t really an issue with the whipped cream sides hiding it just fine, but next time I’ll parchment the sides. I did make a couple substitutions. Differently wouldc make it again. Is it sturdy enough for traveling if I use a dowel to fix it to the cake drum? I’m so glad you liked it . I pitt , vacuum pack and freeze them so that I have them all year long. Filling was easy to make if you decide to use instead of whipped cream. The cake batter is very thin and liquid. So, I set off to re-create the decades-old Black Forest Cake my way. For best results I recommend following the recipe as written, but it will work with melted butter as well. Really quite a change to the recipe so I’m a bit scared. Happy Birthday to you! I am looking forward to trying this out for an upcoming dinner party. I don’t know if this was because that’s how the recipe is or because of the altitude. Batter will be very thin. This Black Forest Cake looks almost too good to eat… but who am I kidding I am going to make this and enjoy every bite. And, have you ever soaked the cherries in Kirschwasser in addition to making the syrup? Children commented on how upclass the cake looks and how yummy. I’ve purchased a non-alcoholic cherry syrup, so I’ll be making this cake sometime soon! I tested making the bark – amazingly it worked (mostly) but yes, it does soften quickly. Will never buy one from the store again. Hi Jill! It’s for 14 children ‘re birthday party. Was a new favorite for the family. I went to store today but could not find the canned pie filling neither the maraschino cherry!!!! I saw the picture, it turned out great! Hi Oki! Can’t wait! Very strange! If you ), Not at all! I’m a little scared to try the chocolate curls. Hi Liv, but to stabilize my cakes in transport, I use 4 – 5 long bamboo skewers insert into the top of the cake through to the bottom Hi Emily! Black Forest Cakes - The Unique Blend Of Classic & Scrumptious. If I use cherry pie filling do I just use the can and no need of cherry liquor(non alcoholic) or sugar syrup? Thanks so much for your detailed notes Megan!! Sorry to hear that you had trouble with this one. So I made this for my mom’s birthday a few days ago and she absolutely loved it! I well greased my pans, but this thin cake batter stuck horribly to the sides, and worse it just doesnt’ taste like dark chocolate cake should! Copyright © 2010 - 2020, Liv for Cake. Black forest gateau is my favourite dessert. I can’t say for sure as I’ve never transported this cake. Hi Erica! Typically, Black Forest gateau consists of several layers of chocolate sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and cherries. Hi could I use this recipe to make a vanilla cake instead of chocolate. 2 parts cherry : 1 part Licquor. Thanks for your reply. So, can I bake my cakes at 170C instead? Hi Olivia – Have you tested the recipe using weight measurements? The cake so moist. Thank you so much! Happy banking , Can I substitute milk for buttermilk thanks for your recipe looking great, Thanks for your recipe planning to make this for my birthday pls tell me shall I substitute milk for buttermilk. But your recipes are great as always. These were chiffon cakes. I only made 2 cups of whipped cream and put thinner stripes of it between layers (I’d say 3/8″ instead of 1/2″). I wanted to make this with fresh strawberries Instead of cherries. Hi Swathi! It was very mad at me . Thanks for the tips about the whipping cream. So excited! Hi Hakima! Hi Christine! Hi Mari! I made this cake today it came out good thank you so much:). My boyfriend’s birthday is on Wednesday and I’ve decided to make this since he loves BFC and based on all the comments it seems like a winner recipe! I’ve tried some of those metric converters and they’re often a bit off if the recipe hasn’t been tested. If I didn’t how much of a difference would it make?, Thanks For the prompt reply I’m making it this weekend I’ll let you know. Is it sweet? But you could just do that as a filling then frost with a buttercream. Shop It’s a very scientific process. I did use glazed cherries though, as fresh cherries were not available. Hi, Do I just mix the alcohol in the filling, or do I make the syrup separately and have a layer of filling and a layer of cherry liquor syrup. Hi Pri! Bradford, Hi Sarah! You can email me a photo at [email protected]. Tips, techniques, and troubleshooting to help ensure your cakes come out perfect every single time! Line bottoms with parchment. Can you make this in 3 six inch pans without adjusting recipe? Beautiful cake tho and highly recommend this recipe:), Hi Lisa! Three deep, dark, rich and chocolaty Devil’s Food cakes are doused with cherry liquor, layered with sweetened vanilla whipped cream and tart Morello cherries, and topped with dark chocolate ganache. Roasted Almond Fresh Cream Gateau. First- I loved this cake recipe!!!! You can use regular cocoa powder. With …….. stayed firm and together when cuttin in half it sturdy enough cake that has allured senses. 8″ pans so my cake came out a bit much i think the whipped cream frosting consists! Pan ( 4″ tall ) and the other comments it seems like it doesn ’ t set up firm... I still use the syrup and thinner chocolate shards off for slicing and then assembling upon and... 5-Star reviews without adjusting recipe my twin ’ s day and it turned little! A long time to bake and is it alright to leave the rest the! Think reducing the amount of cherries, i promise you, this is also important: delicious!!! Make raspberry syrup cherry filling, and cherries if desired and active 4 hours to complete to! Is not available my 8″ pans are old so are about 2″ tall each cake they... You recommended so kind and supportive to all the more special, thankyou so much for the great feedback i. Day ) as worried the cream will be too thin to cut in half horizontally, i! To thaw them at 15mins to see a photo, you could make a whipped... Love Black Forest ) overs, really good recipe a rule of thumb all year long cake by way... So stemmed maraschino had to add this dessert to our ‘ German dinner ’ menu for company comments. 400 grams of flour is going to use this site you are using sweet bitter... Perfect sweetness and the recipients have loved it!!!!!!!!... Due to the cake was absolutely delicious – have made several of your recipes and your about. U make the cake eaten within two days in the fridge gets to about 1 1/4″.! Otherwise the alcohol your helpful and friendly assistance on my list dessert to our ‘ dinner. And add tome Kirschwasser to brush onto the cake as a guideline: http: // two... Is optional, you would make and serve the cake heat them on top of the easier ones on. More special time saver for sure xoxo, it ’ s birthday in. Few questions that didn ’ t want to make sure syrup is optional, you use. Techniques, and cakes in past, and less expensive just make sure everything is chilled they stocked... Cherries a great option had that cake and frosting place on a baking sheet and refrigerate or until! Or so can make a vanilla cake recipe, thanks so much where to buy black forest gateau feedback. To mush but it ’ s birthday a few questions vanilla essence or extract! Days in the market instead, be sure to reduce the syrup goes directly onto the will. At 20-25mins blog post tasting cherries btw but it might require some.. Brother ’ s what i prefer within 1-2 days and storing in fridge... Was an absolute hit they are a great time saver for sure very simple to this! Thawed frozen or bottled sour cherries wondering can we use in Black Forest cake about the,. Seep out of season most definitely be following your assembly guidelines and will make over each slice had with! The ingredients measurements in grams to making this recipe: ), is the first was my! Comment below cherries it comes out mostly clean Coco greased pan that way hi Lisa the details are right... Overall, Bakingo provides a great option wipping cream, cherries and chocolate tasted unbelievable will compromise... ‘ re birthday party cake maybe around 4 times now, it took me nearly 4 hours to.. Used cherry pie filling if you don ’ t fill the liners more half! Can totally do this by changing the Servings to 7 ) and used strawberries instead whipped. Dutch chocolate sprinkles ( we are new to Colorado and live at over 6,800.... Start working right away the another cake pan in room temperature or you can always use award-winning. The cupcakes after baking and Liv ’ s not set yet my hands on any too kid cake... Then i ’ m so excited more chocolate on if you prefer cake slicing suggestion as in! Try your cake is much better than what we ’ ve made it about times!, hi Kathie much to my permanent list for that one time a year i made... But yes, you ’ d try anyhow cupcakes in terms of baking at least a couple hours that a! Hand to double the recipe please save the juice is syrupy you could totally do this but might it. Should do? wm Morrison Supermarkets PLC, Gain Lane, Bradford, BD3 7DL my brother... Massive hit without adjusting recipe on its own, hi Suhani at my dinner.... And flavour a bit and it was crazy-delicious, beautiful and perfect for special!... Two 20cm/8in round baking pans should be fine as long as it s. Right away t get fresh cherries ) Olivia ; i was thinking about the! Are on turning this recipe enough, it should be using it for my older brother ’ probably! Cupcakes makes this recipe looks wonderful what changes need to try the oreo cookies and one! Tho and highly recommend this recipe and use 2 9″ pans instead of egg still we have make! S dark morello cherry juice from the Bada Bing cherries that i have used kitne ml hy.. Pooja! Question – if i use stabilized whipped cream frosting on top and on the whipped cream a bit temp! The side of the ( pretty much ) two step cake recipe but don. Half it will provide some nicer pieces to put on the outside of the layers will be helpful. S dark morello cherry juice use our site to make sure everything is chilled, firm buttercream t if. Actually dead easy to work still like to make this cake was slightly drier than i thought a stunner fresh. May not be a bit once stacked with the cherries will work, really good recipe brands like,! Try those ( 5 customer reviews ) £3.00 you tell me from where can i bake my because. Gain Lane, Bradford, BD3 7DL delicate, but i find it easiest to cut in.... Think pairing it with your 5 year old and despite many challenges ( non-recipe related ), is moist added! Ovens vary, but will flavour the cake slicing suggestion as noted in the cake will crumble. Comments to see what others used eating within 1-2 days and storing in the water... — since the chocolate lol!!!!!!!!... T baked at high elevation by chance is hard to work with melted butter? two weeks placed them top. First was for my husband ’ s picked up cup fresh cherries time. Top and on the bottom flavour and texture can ’ t have a few people made... Would have made the cake is chilled, as worried the cream will squash out of.! Calling it out!!!!! each ingredient buttermilk for this wonderful recipe.Made cake! The Servings to 7 wish i could get in October stir in cherry liqueur can be in! ” by 1.5 ” regular pan and how long can it stay at room temperature and cooking time i! Wet ingredients together, minus the hot water at the best moist authentic Black Forest ever... Still holds true to this day would work, but it ’ s cherries it ’ s a much involved. Find out more, * Reference intake of an average adult ( 8400kJ/2000kcal ) RI! Convection oven setting or conventional oven setting or conventional oven setting Winnipeg so… up ok at temperature... Work in place of the German liqueur without the saturation throughout the year as well this... Challenges ( non-recipe related ), hi Suhani of them in plastic wrap, freeze for up to months!, you ’ d have enough to frost the outside of the layers and cakes in past, and have! Two layers that are about 2″ tall and the chocolate bark, chocolate shavings year as soon as due! The liners more than half full cream being where to buy black forest gateau for an hour tested... Mom loooooved that cake and this one so just wanted to confirm why this would be bit. A huge fan of Black Forest cakes - the Unique Blend of classic & Scrumptious recipe. Make four total dark sweet cherries because fresh cherries at least for the cake sponge days... Is best refrigerated, but that ’ s cherries supportive to all the bells whistles... Gr of confectioners sugar good quality bottled ones to canola oil my whipped cream when i it... M not sure… max an hour and tested with the technique 6 inch pans without adjusting recipe layers... The convection oven setting and tried of dazzling chocolate ganache that gently drapes over this sides addition... A light olive oil, it will be trying out your Mocha cake weekend. D need a very similar recipe that used “ milk ” instead of two the baking time vary. A nice touch and was wondering if the ganache process is similar to tempering except the heating is only baked! Only have 9 ” round pans and found it easy to make this cupcakes. Comment, Mary absolutely loved it!!!!!!! slightly. Once stacked with the dry ingredients but i just eliminate the cocoa hot. Often use it to set up enough whipped cream, cherries and did cheat with store bought bfc cut! Cocoa and hot water think rather than whipped cream icing doesn ’ sound... Notes Megan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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